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New on our site is the quick service we give by answering the frequently asked questions. As a matter of fact all your reactions and remarks are very welcome. If your question is not answered here please write your question on next form.

Can a Fellows garment that is advised to be handwashed also be washed in the washing machine ?
Yes, if you possess a washer with an automatic handwash function. This function is indicated by a “hand in washtub” . Be careful: in washing by hand the water is often hotter than you think.
So use lukewarm water and a little bit of liquid detergent. Take care that the garment does not stay too long in the suds.

What is the best way of washing brightly coloured Fellows garments?
Cotton sweaters, sports shirts and T-shirts used to be put into vinegar for a night. Don’t do that. Wash cottons for the first time apart in the washing machine.
Have a good look at the care labels in the clothes. What is the best way to iron the shirts --If the tumble drier is fully loaded there is more chance of crushing. Put the shirts first into the dryer, remove them after ten minutes and put them on a clothes hanger.
 After that go on with other laundry. Iron the shirts when they are moist, especially natural fibres as cotton, linen and wool.

What are the prices of Fellows clothes ?
Pullovers from € 69 till € 129
 Sweaters from € 59 till € 99
 Shirts from € 49 till € 69
 T-shirts from € 19.95 till € 59.95

On TV Toine was wearing something from the Fellows collection
where can I buy that ?
On this site there is a list of dealers in the Netherlands. By typing the postal code you’ll find the dealers in your neighbourhood.
If the clothes are not in stock anymore you may contact Fellows and we’ll find a dealer for you who has what you want.

Can I buy Fellows abroad ?
Yes, at the moment in France, Belgium and Ireland. And in the near future in more countries. The addresses are not yet on this site but we will keep you informed